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Wine is Life

My father taught me that wine is an incredible combination of art, science and nature. I learned after he died that wine holds a special place for celebration, love and life. It has been cherished, admonished and revered as it has held a unique significance throughout the world’s history. I am privileged to be a winemaker and proud to present my wine in honor of my father.
Enjoy wine; enjoy life.              ~ Susie Selby

Susie Selby of Selby Winery, California
Over twenty years ago I decided to become a winemaker, and I've never looked back. Learn more about Selby Winery's history.
  Selby Winery Tasting Room, Healdsburg, California   Wine barrels at Selby Winery   Cellar worker at Selby Winery   Russian River, Sonoma County, California
Susie Selby, winemaker and owner, Selby Winery  
  Visit our online store to buy our wines and accessories today.   We use only fine air-dried and hand-crafted French and American oak barrels.   We use small, half-ton bins for extended maceration.   Our vineyards are in Alexander, Dry Creek and Russian River Valleys, the best of Sonoma County.   I believe in utilizing sustainable and organic vineyards.  
David k. Selby, co-founder of Selby WineryDavid K. Selby, M.D. (1935-1997) co-founder of Selby Winery, was a life-long wine lover as well as a gifted, nationally recognized orthopaedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery. David loved sports and art — golf, scuba, skiing, cutting marble, carving wood and casting bronze. A paratrooper and Vietnam war hero, he was known for his generosity with his time, money, talent, praise and humor. In his honor, Susie makes Dave Selby Reserve wines when the quality of the grapes permit.