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Merlot and Olives

Merlot is a varietal that is known for dark fruit tones and spicy notes that typically finish into long-lasting flavors of tobacco and chocolate. The spicy characteristics are what gives Merlot varietal integrity, for without it, the Merlot would simply taste like Cabernet Sauvignon. This lovely, and sometimes overlooked grape becomes a wine that is exceptionally good while it is youthful and is a tremendous pairing with cuisine. To appreciate the beautiful fruit of the Merlot, eat a green olive and take a sip of the wine. The olive becomes unified with the vegetive qualities in the wine and allows the palate to focus on dark cherry and pomegranate fruit. Take this one step further: open your lovely bottle of Merlot and enjoy it with a green olive tapenade grilled steak.

Enjoy wine; enjoy life.

Susie Selby