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Thankful for Community Support!

Dear Healdsburg Animal Shelter,

Please find enclosed a check which is the result of a fundraiser Selby Winery did for your wonderful organization.

During the evacuation I was traveling and the staff was unable to get back into our downtown winery to feed the two Forgotten Felines we adopted, Fang and Tux, as well as our three chickens. Once I knew the fires were somewhat under control I called the Healdsburg Police Department to see if there was anyone who could give our poor animals food and water. The dispatcher immediately connected me with a cell number for Animal Control. I’m not sure who I spoke to but a kind gentleman asked me to text him the address, the number of animals, and information on whether they needed to bring food or medical supplies. Two hours after texting him I received a call from Emily, who found the hidden key. I talked her through the warehouse to find the cats and eventually the chickens outside. One cat was accidentally locked in a room with no food (it appeared the door closed after our cellar guys left) and the chickens were completely without food or water. Emily filled up the water and food bowls then took a picture of the chickens and texted it to me, just to show me they were fine.

I can’t possibly thank you enough for your kindness and I am very proud to live in a community that cares so much about the well-being of animals. From what I understand, Emily and others went to hundreds of homes and businesses to care for a variety of animals and the only question ever asked was whether they needed to bring food or medical supplies. I wholeheartedly applaud this effort and am happy that we are able to give something back to you. Keep up the good work and please know that your sincere altruism is something that the community should and will always cherish.

All my best,
Susie Selby
Selby Winery